Submitting An Article

To submit an article, the student must fill out the Student Submission/Consent form and upload the article directly on the form (below). An email containing the student’s consent form will then automatically be sent to the teacher's email address indicated on the student's submission form, containing the student's article, the student's consent form, and a link to the Teacher Consent Form (which is not available directly on the website). The teacher must look at the paper, confirm the student's identity, and confirm that the article is representative of the research the student performed. If all the info is correct and the teacher consents to publication (and being listed as an author), he/she must then submit the Teacher Consent Form. If the student performed his/her research outside of school (for example at a University or Biotech laboratory), on the Teacher Consent Form the teacher must list the Principal Investigator (Lab Head) as the student's Mentor and his/her personal info and email address. Both the student, teacher, and (potentially) the mentor consent forms must be submitted in order for the article to be considered for review. Students may submit an article at any time.